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Random assortment of German culture links! Oh boy!
OH HI. I'm Misha, the mun for Gabriel (glitterunddoom), the ambivalent consumptive artist and Moritz (sticky_dream), a fifteen year old who's so sexually frustrated he can no longer modulate the pitch of his voice correctly.

I came here to dump a random assortment of shit vaguely related to German history and culture. I don't know if they will be helpful. You can maybe assume that if your character was born after a certain point in time, they might at least be somewhat familar with some of this stuff. I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart and not because I should be working on a paper or anything like that.

Ludwig II/Wagner = OTP <3 <3 This glosses over alot of the gayness but it's a start.

Faust summed up in two really big paragraphs

Die Verwandlung and Ein Hungerkünstler by Franz Kafka. “But he wasn’t German,” you say. STOP WHINING. YOU’LL READ THEM AND YOU’LL LIKE THEM.

Degenerate Art If you really hate yourself you can read Hilter’s “Speech Inaugurating the “Great Exhibition of German Art”” (*.PDF file) If you are some sort of pathological masochist who has a tenuous grip on reality, you can major in art history, like me.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Way less fucked up then Hans Christian Andersen.


Have fun with that. Take notes. There will be a test.

Ich bin eine Berliner!
sunshine and clouds
Okay, not really.

This actually didn't have anything to do, originally, with my character. Astrid is a dragon whose parents were German from way back, who was brought to the US at the beginning of the second World War. So she's not using German very much in her every-day life, though she does speak it, as does her baby brother Sascha. She was raised by her 500-year-old uncle Leopold. And I digress.

The original point is, I'm studying German at the moment and typing up my exercises online as part of a project I'm doing. If you want to follow along and point and laugh you can do so here, it's not f-locked or anything. The textbook I'm using is Deutsch Heute, a relatively recent edition. No, I'm not doing it for a class or anything, I just... like learning languages. Some people juggle geese, ya know.

me with gloves
Please feel free to introduce yourself and your characters and post any resources or questions you may have.

Things you can post here:

- anything related to Germans, Germany, Germany language, etc.
- anything about your German / German ancestry character
- articles, lessons on German speaking, links to relevant websites and resources
- on topic book / film / music recommendations
- roleplaying requests
- questions / advice etc
- ads for a game set in Germany or involving German characters
- relevant pictures and images (behind an LJ-cut if they're too big)
- introductory posts for you and your characters!
- relevant writing prompts

Things you cannot post here:

- anything unrelated / off topic without prior permission from the mod
- ads for non related communities and websites
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