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Ich bin eine Berliner!
blackstonerises wrote in german_muses
Okay, not really.

This actually didn't have anything to do, originally, with my character. Astrid is a dragon whose parents were German from way back, who was brought to the US at the beginning of the second World War. So she's not using German very much in her every-day life, though she does speak it, as does her baby brother Sascha. She was raised by her 500-year-old uncle Leopold. And I digress.

The original point is, I'm studying German at the moment and typing up my exercises online as part of a project I'm doing. If you want to follow along and point and laugh you can do so here, it's not f-locked or anything. The textbook I'm using is Deutsch Heute, a relatively recent edition. No, I'm not doing it for a class or anything, I just... like learning languages. Some people juggle geese, ya know.

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Is it a good textbook? I've been considering trying to acquire one because so far the 'learning German for Dummies' I've got isn't doing all that much for me. =)

... you know, somehow checking out the for-dummies line never occurred to me.

I think it's good? I was looking for something more than what's usually traveler's [insert language here] so I googled syllabi of college or high school courses for the languages I was interested. For German, Deutsch Heute was what came up. And it's been good to me so far.

But I also come from what may not be everyone's perspective on learning languages; I grew up bilingual and speak 3 languages fluently already, and conversational Japanese (nowhere near fluent in that!) so... take that for what you will on using the textbook without a teacher. :)

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