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Random assortment of German culture links! Oh boy!
glitterunddoom wrote in german_muses
OH HI. I'm Misha, the mun for Gabriel (glitterunddoom), the ambivalent consumptive artist and Moritz (sticky_dream), a fifteen year old who's so sexually frustrated he can no longer modulate the pitch of his voice correctly.

I came here to dump a random assortment of shit vaguely related to German history and culture. I don't know if they will be helpful. You can maybe assume that if your character was born after a certain point in time, they might at least be somewhat familar with some of this stuff. I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart and not because I should be working on a paper or anything like that.

Ludwig II/Wagner = OTP <3 <3 This glosses over alot of the gayness but it's a start.

Faust summed up in two really big paragraphs

Die Verwandlung and Ein Hungerkünstler by Franz Kafka. “But he wasn’t German,” you say. STOP WHINING. YOU’LL READ THEM AND YOU’LL LIKE THEM.

Degenerate Art If you really hate yourself you can read Hilter’s “Speech Inaugurating the “Great Exhibition of German Art”” (*.PDF file) If you are some sort of pathological masochist who has a tenuous grip on reality, you can major in art history, like me.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Way less fucked up then Hans Christian Andersen.


Have fun with that. Take notes. There will be a test.

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